(1) Promote Fair Trade: All members will be considered equal, regardless of their origin or position in the agricultural industry and the number of transactions done by the company.

(2) Preparation and Training: Safe Trade Network promotes the preparation of its members with respect to all issues related to the international trade in fruit. For this purpose, STN will provide information on relevant topics in order to keep its members updated on important topics.

(3) Good Faith Negotiations: All members will be subject to the highest levels of ethical behavior and compliance with reasonable standards of fair trade treatment.

(4) Cooperation between the parts: Collaboration when sharing  information is not subject to confidentiality, in order to maintain a dynamic flow of operations among all members.


(5) Establishment of a community among agricultural trade actors:
All members will have access to an updated list of active participants, in order to be informed as to who belongs to this platform. We strive to be a means among members to promote business relationships between them.

(6) Formality and Legal Certainty: All procedures that STN supervises will conform to the processes and rules established by the same organization, through its various operating rules and regulations that will be known by active members .

(7) Transparency : All procedures within STN will be completely transparent. STN is committed to providing all members with the possibility of accessing all non-confidential information that is relevant to them.

(8) Independence : STN is not only composed of independent members of each other, but also of all other entities that participate in any procedure, be it mediation, arbitration or any other.