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Arrivals of Peruvian avocados are trickling in and have been for the last few weeks. Cooler weather has meant the start of the season has been a little slower than usual, with light volumes. But this is set to change soon as significantly more volume is on the way.
“Avocado arrivals from Peru to North America started in the last few weeks,” said Brent Scattini of Mission Produce. “It was a slow start with only light volumes due to cooler weather in the growing regions. Heavier volumes are on the water now and we expect the Peru crop to be larger than last year.”
Scattini explained that early season avocado shipments are generally destined for Europe and Asia, which has been the case this year. As the season progresses, an increasing number of shipments direct their cargo to North America. “The front end saw heavier shipments to European and Asian markets,” he said. “But this is now turning around as we see an increase in volume for North America. The European and Asian markets are more attractive at the front end of the season because in North America, there is still a decent amount of fruit around from both Mexico and California.”
Most Peru fruit tied into programs
Scattini noted that the majority of Peruvian avocados are already tied in with retail programs and therefore their prices are fairly well set. It appears that shippers have been more organized this year compared to last year.
“Most of the volume from Peru will be tied into direct retail programs,” he noted. “Last year, many arrivals came into ports without a plan. This year has been different as there have been more programs established and most of the fruit has been spoken for already.”

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