Benefits to be part of STN

“Be part of STN imply to be negotiated with the best companies of the agroexport industry keeping the certain that all the companies that belong to the platform will be subject to the platform rules.”

“Also imply a negotiation cost reduction, making the possibility to generate more fast agreements between the involved parts. Imply more opportunities for the agreements attainments and accelerate the trading process inside the industry”


The mission of STN plataform is be an meeting point between the better agriculturals imports and exports in the beginning existing the possibility to include more industries in the mid term. Will offer option for conflict resolution, commercial agreements promotion and accelerating process related to the product trading.

Our View

We want to be in 3 more years the biggest virtual commercialization center in the agroindustry. With the high transaction levels of the industry, including all the business parts of the core of the imports and the exports.